Executive Ball Point Pens

To request a specific pen, specify the pen number and wood (eg. EX#2 cocobolo).

We will hold pens on reserve for one week maximum pending payment.

For refill instructions: Refilling

In stock now:
Reserved and sold pens will be marked as SOLD beside or beneath the wood identification. (updated 4/10/2017 Please, DO NOT request pens that have been labeled as SOLD.

Restocked with new pictures on 12/15/2014.

Executive Ball Point Pens

NOTE: The "-C" after the wood indicates that the pen tip is chromed, rather than gold plated. I can exchange gold for chorme or vice versa if desired. (I'm running out of tips!)

1. Cocobolo - SOLD
2. Cocobolo -C - - SOLD
3. Cocobolo - SOLD
4. Cocobolo -C - SOLD
5. Cocobolo -C - SOLD
6. Cocobolo
7. Cocobolo - SOLD
8. Cocobolo

9. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD
10. Brazilian Tulipwood -C - SOLD
11. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD
12. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD
13. Brazilian Tulipwood -C
14. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD
15. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD
16. Brazilian Tulipwood - SOLD

17. Honduras Rswd - SOLD
18. Honduras Rswd - SOLD
19. Honduras Rswd

20. Bocote - SOLD
21. Bocote - SOLD

22. Brazilian Rosewood -C - SOLD

23. Caviuna Micarium -C - SOLD

24. Bloodwood -C - SOLD

25. Purpleheart - SOLD
26. Purpleheart - SOLD
27. Purpleheart - SOLD
28. Purpleheart - SOLD
29. Purpleheart - SOLD

30. Caviuna Micarium - SOLD
31. Caviuna Micarium - SOLD
32. Caviuna Micarium -C

33. Osage Orange - SOLD
34. Osage Orange -C
35. Osage Orange - SOLD
36. Osage Orange -C - SOLD

37. Japanese Maple -C

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Please e-mail to check availability before ordering: - see below.

Thick Exec Ball Point Pens

Many people prefer thicker pens. Some people with carpel tunnel syndrome or arthritis find thicker pens easier to write with.... and, some other folks just plain old like 'em!
These pens are made from domestic woods and are cut from 3/4 inch thick stock, rather than the 7/16" stock of the Exotic Wood Executive Pens.

1. Cherry - SOLD

2. Cherry

3. Cherry - SOLD

4. Cherry - SOLD

5. Cherry - SOLD

6. Cherry

7. Walnut - SOLD

8. Walnut - SOLD

9. Walnut - SOLD

10. Walnut

11. Walnut - SOLD

12. Maple

13. Ash
14. Ash

15. Oak

16. Honey Locust

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Please e-mail to check availability before ordering: Bill@Turn-of-the-Century.com


Executive Pens: $17.00 each
Shipping and handling: (Priority mail - domestic) $6.00 per entire Turn of the Century order

Please send your complete mailing address and a day or night phone or e-mail, and...
Payment by check or money order to:

Turn of the Century
1676 Millsboro Road
Mansfield, OH 44906-3374
Phone 419/529-8876

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